Nothing About Us, Without Us

I told them about the experiences of my fellow Crisis Group Board Member, Donald Steinberg, who served as an advisor to President Clinton and Ambassador to Angola.

A Thought from Kyiv

There really are people in Ukraine that have the capacity to move it forward.

A New Kind of Club

The Macedonian Women Parliamentarians Club members have accomplished a great deal and are a model for working across party lines, which I think is absolutely necessary for the success of democracy in this country. These women really inspired me!

Canadian Leaders, Look to John A Macdonald!

The Mark News asked me to identify one political leader, either past or present, who could serve as a role model for current Canadian politicians and what could be learned from that leader today. I suggested that Canadian leaders look to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald for inspiration.

Tangible Transparency

One of the most striking things during my recent visit to Switzerland was that I learned that in the Canton of Solothurn ALL jurisdictional business must be conducted in public. Imagine that! An interesting antidote to those who contend that governance conducted in public is merely political theatre.

Welcome to BiteSizeChunks!

Welcome to “BiteSizeChunks”, my blog. There’s an old African proverb that says:  “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Many of today’s challenges – Climate Change, Poverty, Hunger, Illiteracy, Oppression of Women – seem beyond the ability of any single person to influence. I’ve created this blog to provide food for […]

The Martyrdom Hoax

Suicide has been strongly prohibited in Christianity as it is seen to represent despair, which is a loss of faith in God. Islam has, if anything, a stronger prohibition of suicide. In both Christianity and Islam martyrdom and suicide are fundamentally opposite choices.

I say to all women: “Go for it!”

Oftentimes leadership roles are gendered masculine and women are seen as not belonging in political office, even by other women, but Kim Campbell explains why she liked it and why she says, “Go for It!”

What does Haiti have to do with climate change?

An important point: there are certain countries in the world that enjoy a “trifecta” of disadvantage in dealing with the effects of global warming – they are poor, their geographical position renders them especially vulnerable to the negative effects of global warming and they are weak or failed states. Kim Campbell explains why Haiti is what can happen if we don’t address the issues of climate change- not just the mitigation of climate change through reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, but also working to build governing capacity in the poorest most vulnerable countries so that they can adapt.

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