Political Pledge vs Democratic Duty

Frmr PM Campbell takes US Republicans to task for upholding anti-tax pledge in the face of changing economic circumstances, and states, “There can be no justification for democratically elected representatives to ‘fetter their discretion’.”

What was the BBC Thinking?

The sexual assault charges filed today in New York against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Director General of the IMF,  have shocked the world. Imagine, then, Peter Dobbie, filling in for Nik Gowing on BBC’s The Hub interviewing a Frenchman. He wonders if the charges reflect a more “puritanical” American view of sexual issues and refers to the […]

Tangible Transparency

One of the most striking things during my recent visit to Switzerland was that I learned that in the Canton of Solothurn ALL jurisdictional business must be conducted in public. Imagine that! An interesting antidote to those who contend that governance conducted in public is merely political theatre.

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