I say to all women: “Go for it!”

Oftentimes leadership roles are gendered masculine and women are seen as not belonging in political office, even by other women.  For many women and girls, Kim Campbell represented a serious step forward when she became Canada’s first and thus far only, female prime minister.

In this clip from Gretchen Kelbaugh’s independent film, Menocracy, Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell talks about why women should “Go for it.”

Here’s a challenge for you:  If you have been inspired by an extraordinary woman, do something about it!  It could be something as simple as thanking them and letting them know how they’ve influenced you, or perhaps there’s some way that you can pass it on by supporting or inspiring someone else.

Let us know who inspired you and what you’re doing about it.


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3 Responses to “I say to all women: “Go for it!””

  1. Thanks for the story – I think I’ll added your article to my website.

  2. Terrific post! I completely consent along with you.

  3. Here here! Women are building networks in politics – business – social causes – locally – nationally – globally. Harmonizing these helps accelerate change. Would we have experienced the pain of the last decade (financial collapse, uncesssary wars, terrorist attacks, people dying as a result of no access to healthcare, etc.) if more women were in public office?

    It’s SO important for women of our generation to mentor the women who will be – teach the women, reach the men, and pretty soon gender doesn’t even matter anymore – when we are all more nurturing, complete human beings.

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