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Welcome to “BiteSizeChunks”, my blog. There’s an old African proverb that says:  “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Our writers can help by providing the interview format writing as an example for newbie editors recently registered at https://essaysleader.com/write-an-interview-essay/.

Many of today’s challenges – Climate Change, Poverty, Hunger, Illiteracy, Oppression of Women – seem beyond the ability of any single person to influence. I’ve created this blog to provide food for thought on the day’s most important issues, and to invite you to share suggestions of concrete things that we as individuals can do to make a difference in some of the big issues of our time.

Sharing stories and ideas is the way that ordinary people can have an impact on the big issues. The goal of exchanging these ideas  is to foster a feeling of  empowerment  that will encourage us to act.

When I helped to create the Club of Madrid – made up of 72 members who have been either President or Prime Minister of their countries, I explained that this group did not assume that we alone could change the world. We know better than anyone what it means to be “former” leaders. But we also know that we can leverage our experience and access to promote democratic values. To explain the role we  play, I coined the term, “a tile in the mosaic of progress,” which is what the ideas of this blog shall be as well.

Please join me in building a new mosaic of positive change, one bite size chunk at a time.


Kim Campbell

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10 Responses to “Welcome to BiteSizeChunks!”

  1. Jim says:

    Dear Kim, I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday.
    I was surprised that we share the same date.
    I met you once briefly in London ON during your election campaign.
    All the best!


  2. A_l_e_x says:

    Nice idea! I liked Waiting for new posts

  3. Talamna says:

    Very intelligent text. I think it is useful for most clients. Thank you for your blogs.

  4. MARY says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Well done and very informative.

  5. Dawn Monroe says:

    famouscanadianwomen.com is a one bite at a time web site dedicated to showing Canadian girls and others that there are many Canadian women of achievement. to date there are only 1281 women’s mini bios on the site. There are many many more to add. It is hoped that the information will encourage young people to stretch and do their thing to help society.
    The blog is a great ides.

  6. Juegos says:

    I must say your weblog is really good. I do not have the time at the moment to fully read everything but I have added it to my favs

  7. Tony Abraham says:

    Madam, I saw you on Bill Maher’s show talking about climate change… at least until you changed it to evolution, presumably because you couldn’t support your climate change assertions.

    A word to the wise, “If it’s a consensus, it ain’t science; if it’s science, it aint a consensus”.

    Let’s hear Einstein on this subject – when told that 200 scientists had signed a paper saying that his theory of relativity was wrong, Einstein remarked, “if my theory is wrong, they wouldn’t need 200 of scientists, all they would need is one.”

    Madam, measurements demonstrate that human effects on climate change/global warming are not significant…. the feedback effects of clouds are negative (Lindzen), the Hockey Stick is discredited (McIntyre and McKitrick), Al Gore won’t debate the facts, the raw data has been fiddled and the peer-review process corrupted (Climategate). So much so, indeed that the latest comparison of actual temperatures vs. computer model predictions from 10 years ago, show large diversions… it simply ain’t happening.

    Time to get re-educated here, before you add your support to the spending of some 43 trillion dollars in an attempt to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels…. all of which will have negligible effect.

    Let us not mis-allocate the world’s capital to ineffective solutions to non-problems, let us invest that capital to improving the lot of the poor on this planet.

  8. kim says:

    I hope you are right, otherwise the rising level of the world’s oceans will seriously reduce the amount of sand available for burying your head!”

  9. Marcia Salmond says:

    Dear Kim,
    I agree with your premise,so one bite at a time I will eat my elephant,perhaps we can all see it that way.
    Garbage is a free distribition system, what we through out is the opportunity.We see containment of product as the whole purpose, it is merely the first purpose. How much could we do to provide for the poor, homeless, underpaid people of the world if we would only choose to make the containers useful.Glass bottles as glass bricks. How many things can you make with leggos,how can we all have forgotten those castles,race tracks, bridges etc. Why not endtables, room
    dividers,playhouses,storage cubes,bookshelves,roomdividers, bedbases,third world

    windows,greenhouses, bus_shelters,

  10. Thanks for making the effort to describe the terminlogy towards the learners!

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