Canadian Leaders, Look to John A Macdonald!

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Recently, the Mark News hosted an interesting conversation about the direction of Canada, what it should look like at 150, and how to get there. One theme that emerged was the need for strong leadership at this particular moment in Canada’s history.

Challenges include defining a role for Canada in the rapidly changing global context and reengaging a public that seems increasingly disinterested in the political process. This will require bold leadership. But what does that look like?

The Mark News asked me to further the conversation by identifying one political leader, either past or present, who could serve as a role model for Canadian politicians and what could be learned from that leader today. I suggested that Canadian leaders look to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald for inspiration.


See what nine other prominent Canadians had to say about this as well in the Leaders on Leaders series on the Mark News.

Is there a leader from the past that you think would have solutions for the current challenges of your country today?  Who would that be and why?

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3 Responses to “Canadian Leaders, Look to John A Macdonald!”

  1. Curtis says:

    Hi Kim,

    Your post struck a chord with me. It made me think about something I read on Preston Manning’s Wikipedia entry.

    “On the regulation of natural resources, Manning suggested to environmentalist David Suzuki that “there’s a more powerful, far faster mechanism than government regulations: the market itself.”

    And while I have no idea whether or not Preston Manning would be a good leader based on the current challenges of our country (I am too young to know) I think it would be nice to see some of the consumers and small businesses, especially the ones we have here in downtown Toronto that do us all great service by selling eco friendly products be a little better rewarded for doing so.

    I don’t always like the government first attitude that I get from a lot of people in the city when it comes to issues like that.

  2. Curtis says:

    And on another note, as far as looking to the past, I think some of the Tea Party rhetoric in the United States that is inspired by Thomas Jefferson can be dangerous.

    Its hard to take ideas from that long ago and always put them in the right context.

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